EU-Ghana Circular Economy Competition 2021


Eligibility Criteria

Check if you qualify

Applicants must be residing in Ghana at the time of the application and must be more than 18 years old and demonstrate ownership over the technology or idea they are putting forward. The following criteria will be used to evaluate eligibility:

  • Applicants must not necessarily be a registered business, must be a startup less than three years old with innovative and transformative ideas that are scalable and have the potential for contributing significantly to Ghana’s green post-covid 19 recovery.
  • Contestants are expected to showcase ideas and projects that cut various sectors with clear focus on the circular economic impact in any of the sectors.
  • Business models must reflect the circular economy and stay relevant. Business should be in line of Sustainable Development Goal 12: responsible Consumption and Production that will result in reduction in waste and prevention of pollution and degradation of communities and the environment.Contestants’ products, services and systems required are expected to have the following attributes and observe the following guidelines:
      1. Must have a compelling concept/idea that clearly captures a solution related to the concept of a circular economy space with a clear value addition and impact to the Ghanaian economy.
      2. All eligible mid-stage scale contestants must be able to show proof of concept and provide financial/management accounts of years in operation where available.
      3. All micro and conception stage applicants should demonstrate pre-revenue or post revenue business model innovations related to the circular economy in Ghana.
      4. All contestants must have a financial and sustainable business model.
      5. All contestants must demonstrate linkage between their solution/product/service to the achievement of Ghana’s sustainable development goals especially SDG 12.
      6. Contestants must show a good understanding of market dynamics including a marketing plan/strategy.
      7. Applications must be in written English.
      8. Contestants must complete all required fields of the template. Uncompleted fields or missing documents requested by the contestants may lead to disqualification and this applies to any stage of submission.
      9. All references to currency in the competition should be made in Ghana Cedis.
      10. Entries must consist of work that reflects a new approach to resource efficiency, an invention, a new approach to an industrial process or a new procedure that increases natural resource efficiency within any sector of the economy.
      11. Be willing to take part in a TV series airing footage associated with the Circular Economy Competition.
  • Successful applicants will undergo scrutiny to determine that they have the technical and management capacity or can develop capacity to manage a circular economy initiative.